Rip that wax strip off your upper lip and apply some ice to that burn. We’re talking hair removal in all it’s itchy, bumpy, irritated glory.

The amount of time spent on, products available for, and professions devoted to the sole purpose of removing hair from our mammalian bodies is overwhelming. Even the number of areas available to be de-tufted can raise some very hairy eyebrows. From head-to-toe, anywhere is fair game. So, how do you choose the best products for you?

Waxing: DIY or Nah

With products like Nair’s Wax Ready-Strips and Veet’s Wax Strip Kit, you can bare it all in the privacy of your own home. Just make sure the room is well lit and you have ice or a cold wet cloth on hand to rub on the area after pulling off the strip (as fast as you can.)

Many salons can do this for you and it can be easier to let someone else inflict the pain or reach certain unreachable areas. The Naked Monkey is a local waxing spa and has three locations in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Fishers.

Epilators: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Using an epilator from Braun, Philips, or even going old school with Epilady, you’ll find similar results to waxing. The hair is yanked out at the root giving you a smooth appearance that lasts a bit longer than shaving. To minimize the pain, try using lidocaine to numb the area.

Creams: Nice and Easy

Creams work by dissolving the hair at or just below the skin. While it does grow back more quickly, this is by far the least painful way to remove hair.

Nad’s has affordable and effective creams available to try. They even have a gel product that leaves the skin smooth up to 4 weeks and is easy to use.

Razors: The Kindest Cut?

Waxing, Shaving, and Epilators: OH MY!

A standard in every home, a good razor is a fast and reliable option. The possibility of bleeding out compared to the other methods is high, but compared to other sharp instruments it’s very low. The razor must be clean, no rust. Prep the skin with shaving cream or soap and use smooth sure strokes. As a side note, I’ve never met an adult woman without at least one razor nick scar somewhere on her legs. Proceed with caution and have some tiny squares of toilet paper on hand.

All of these methods have the ability to cause damage to the skin in some form. Burning, ingrown hairs, red and bumpy skin. Always test the product, whatever you choose, before going full bore or bare as the case may be! Happy plucking!

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