Happy Monday. Just my random thoughts on this lovely day one week after Daylight Savings Time. Perhaps because I feel I am drastically sleep deprived and my random thoughts need to be voiced today. Let’s be honest, I’m not sleep deprived because of one day. HA! And I complain and gripe about this day EVERY YEAR!! I know, I know, I need to chin up buttercup and just get over it. But admit it, you are probably in the exact same boat. I can go to Nashville, TN for a fun weekend and there is an hour time change, and I am FINE and loving life. This ridiculous law and time change and I’m not happy for at least a week. Real world problem, huh???

Ok, back to my real message today. Lately, I feel like I am on a lot of adventures. Good ones. Challenging ones. Ones that scare me. Ones that I can’t wait for. Ones that make me smile and light up. Ones that make me want to roll my eyes and turn off my filter. Ones that some don’t agree with. Ones that I could sell tickets to join me. You get the picture. But each and every one required me to take action. To take a first step. To shake things up. To make a change.

So today I challenge you to take a first step. Work. Home. Family. School. Friends. Anything at all!

And yes, a first step is only the beginning. Those adventures above? My many first steps have led to many forward, a few detours, a couple of reverses, a few off the beaten path, a fair amount of stop and wait, but all are for the best. Even when I don’t really like the way it may be going. It’s a game of inches, so keep going.

And I write this because I need to remind myself – FREQUENTLY! ;0) I want to remind you that we are all in this together and should encourage each other to take that first step.

PS: note to self and squirrel moment –I’m Just Jenn who needs to take that first step to call for my annual adventure – mammogram followed by margaritas as my reward. LOL!!

The First Step

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