The coronavirus pandemic is here, honey, and she shows no signs of slowing down! As we’ve discovered after lock down, we can’t put everything in our lives on hold forever. It’s now about navigating a COVID filled world safely. Just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dating. There is still room for pleasure in a pandemic. As long as you’re safe about it! Let’s explore pandemic dating.

Pandemic Dating

Firstly, it will be hard to meet a mate out in the wild because most places are closed, and everyone in public is wearing masks so we can’t see what each person’s face looks like. Now is the time for dating apps, baby!!! Download those apps, set up a profile, and get to swiping. There are likely more people than usual on the apps because we all need some human connection right now.

You can have a virtual date through Zoom or the dating app and video chat. That is one hundred percent corona-safe and fun! Cook the same meal and enjoy it over video call, all from the comfort of your own home!

If you really want to meet up in person, you could do a socially distant date. Meet at a park and have a socially distant picnic. Or go on a socially distant walk. If you do want to be up close and personal, bring a mask!

If you meet your new honey and sparks are flying and you want to abandon all social distancing guidelines, you could both get COVID tested before your next date. To be extra sure you’re both COVID free, you should get tested, then proceed with fun under the mask activities.

Some health experts have said that if you must have sex with someone you’re not living with, you should both wear masks! At first this might sound a little extreme and not sexy AT ALL, but you know what’s even less sexy? CORONAVIRUS! Think of it as a fun element added into the mix of your sexual rendezvous. Hooking up but not being able to kiss? Forcing you to get creative with how to connect? Kinda hot.

I also recommend going on dates outside in places where you can easily distance from other people. If you go for drinks, go somewhere with a patio and lots of seating options. Go get ice cream at a walk up ice cream stand. Pack some snacks and some wine and watch the sunset in a park. The options are endless! And not only are these options corona safe, but they’re also budget friendly.

It is of course possible to meet a mate out in the wild these days, but a little challenging. Embrace the weirdness of the moment and check out the apps. Ask your potential date if they’ve been social distancing and masking up before you even meet up with them just to be safe and go from there. Maybe you two could even get COVID tested on a date? Is that weird? Everything is weird so it’s hard to tell!

We need to embrace that everything feels a little funky right now and get creative. Just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean we need to stop flirting and going on dates. Just make sure you are safe about it!