Singing the Winter Blues

Can you sing the winter blues if you’re tone deaf? And if you are tone deaf, but you’re really feeling the winter blues? Sure, go for it. I do.

For me, it’s The Beatles. Pick an album, pick a song, I’ll know it, and sing along. And if I’m singing to The Beatles, I’ll eventually want to move. And if I’m up, moving, and singing “They Say It’s Your Birthday” at the top of my off-key lungs, then the winter blues start to turn pink. A little. But that’s all you need! It’s that little bit of pink that can help get you through the rest of the blahs.

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and the winter blues combined affect approximately 20% of the population mostly in northern climates. The winter blues is a general shift in emotion when the cold weather sets in. You may feel more lethargic or down but are still able to function pretty normally. SAD is the Winter Blues on 11. So, besides singing, how can we find that little bit of pink in a sea of blue?

Ain’t No Sunshine

Boost all that lovely Vitamin D coursing through your veins by maximizing your exposure to the sun as often as you can. Open the curtains, get outside, do whatever it takes to soak up what little sun there is. Or you can try a light therapy box. Sitting next to one might make you feel like a hothouse flower, but it will have the same effect as sunlight.

Exercise (I know, I know)

That was painful for me even to type. I’m not big on exercise even when it’s 70 and sunny, so exercising when we’re deep into the doldrums is repellent. However, when I do exercise it makes such a difference. I feel lighter, invigorated, and that pink color is brighter. So, as I say to my children, buck up buttercup. Even an impromptu dance party in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner counts as exercise.

Spread Out

Make room for yourself. Whatever this looks like for you, find time to give yourself a break. Winter is tough and being tough on yourself won’t help. I like stupid, dancy, pop songs, watermelon Jolly Ranchers, gifs that express exactly what I’m thinking, and coloring in a good old-fashioned coloring book. Find what works for you and find that little bit of pink.

Make room for yourself

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