To shave or not shave—that is the question! Or to wax, epilate, trim, cut…you get the deal. We’re talking about pubic hair, baby!

As you either know or have experienced, pubic hair pops up on and around our genitals during puberty. Pubic hair likely comes at the same time armpit hair starts growing as well. Fun fact: humans are the only mammals that have pubic hair! We now know several benefits of having pubic hair, but the likely evolutionary reason we started growing it in the first place was to signal to potential partners that we are of reproductive age now. Who knew?

The decision of how to groom your pubic hair, and all body hair for that matter, is entirely up to you. You can grow it, shave it, wax it, or trim it as much or as little as you like. In fact, your grooming of your pubic hair might change throughout the seasons and your life. Do what feels right for you. Although you can choose how to you want to tend to your pubic hair, there are several benefits to having it!

Set of female razors on white towel. Close-up, selective focus.

First and foremost, pubic hair protects us. The skin on and around your genitals and crotch region is much more sensitive than the skin elsewhere on your body. This course, thick hair growing

around this area, helps protect that skin from friction during sexual activity or even exercise. Having pubic hair during sexual activity can help prevent less friction and even make sex more comfortable. Additionally, pubic hair keeps your genitals warm, which is also a plus for sexy times. If your genital area is warm, blood will flow there a bit easier, and things can feel a little more pleasurable.

Pubic hair also acts as a barrier to keep out bacteria, pathogens, and other debris. Think of your pubes as the eyelashes or nose hairs of the crotch. Having pubic hair can help protect you against STDs, UTIs, yeast infections, and vaginitis! Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll never get any of those infections if you have pubic hair, but the likelihood or frequency goes down a bit if you have some extra protection.

Since we are the only mammals with pubic hair, the exact reason we have it is unknown. Besides being a reproductive cue like I mentioned above, there are theories that pubic hair also traps your pheromones, making you more appealing to sexual partners. Pheromones are “scent-carrying chemical secretions that affect mood and behavior.” Although we don’t know the specifics of exactly how pheromones work, we do know that research suggests they play a role in sexual attraction. You have glands in your genital region that do indeed release pheromones, so the theory states that your pubes trap these pheromones, making you more appealing to a sexual partner. Now, this is just a theory, but I like the sounds of it!

A simple benefit of having pubic hair is saving money on waxing and shaving supplies. Razors are expensive! If you’re not shaving as often, you’ll also likely have fewer razor bumps or cuts, which could lead to infection. Also, a common misconception is that pubic hair is more unclean than shaving. NOT TRUE! As long as you are washing yourself regularly, pubic hair and a clean-shaven pubic region are equally hygienic.

There’s a lot of pressure put on people, especially young women, when it comes to body hair upkeep. There are many health benefits to having pubic hair. When it comes to body hair, it’s most important to do what feels right. Whether you want to shave or not is up to you. Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident! And remember, you can change your body hair removal routine at literally any time.

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