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Imagine: It’s a post-pandemic world where it’s safe to go out to bars again. Perhaps you’re heading out on a date or even going out for a night with your girls. You’re feeling frisky and open having a sexual encounter so you decide you need to buy some condoms because you are well informed and understand that your sexual health is a priority! Check out our tips for confidently buying condoms.

Buying condoms can feel intimidating, but I promise you, it is easy peasy. No one will judge you for buying them, and if they do, they’re not worth your time! If you’re a student, most schools and campuses have free condoms available in the health center, and some dorms even pass them out. You can grab a few there. If you do need to purchase some, however, they’re available at every drug store or grocery store, and they are fairly inexpensive. A pack of 12 is usually less than $10, and you don’t need a prescription or need to be a certain age to purchase them.

Tips for Confidently Buying Condoms

All you have to do is waltz into the store of your choice, head to the “family planning” or “feminine hygiene” aisle and take your pick. There are MANY types of condoms and it can be overwhelming knowing which ones to get, especially if you’re feeling timid about perusing the condom aisle in the first place. Take your time! Take up space in that aisle! Pick up the box and read the description on the back! Find what sounds good to you. Although it might feel like it, no one in the store is judging you or staring at you while you shop. They are too busy worrying about what they need to buy. You’ve got smooth condoms, ribbed condoms, lubricated condoms, condoms with lube that is heated, or cooling, or creates different sensations, flavored condoms, thin condoms, extra large condoms, condoms with a reservoir tip…the list goes on and on! If you’ve used condoms before and have vague idea of which ones you like, then go for that. If you’re not sure, the ones with the reservoir tip are nice and lower the chance of breakage just a little. These condoms have a little extra room at the top so the sperm has somewhere to shoot out and be caught without adding any extra pressure to the tip of the condom. I find that those are less likely to break.

Some stores have started putting condoms in plastic containers that need to be unlocked at checkout by the store clerk. Don’t let this interaction with the clerk hold you back from prioritizing your sexual health!!! They probably unlock packages of condoms all the time and they do not care that they have to do it for you. They are not judging you.

Once you’ve selected the kind you want, just take them to the check out. Easy peasy. If there is a self checkout at the store and that makes you feel more comfy purchasing them, go for it. If you do still need someone to unlock the protective packaging for you, don’t fret. Just ask and they will gladly help you. Personally I’m not a fan of the plastic boxes that need to be unlocked because it further discourages people from freely buying them because it can create a sense of anxiety around purchasing them, but I’m here to assure you, no need to feel anxious when purchasing condoms. They’re inexpensive and widely available for a reason – because people buy them all the time!

If you have a consistent sex partner that has a penis and you’d like them to be responsible to buy the condoms, you can certainly discuss that once that dynamic is established. Until you reach that point, it’s always good to be prepared just in case things get spicy! There is no shame in buying condoms, and you deserve to do so with a sense of ease and calm. Remember, no one in the store is judging you!

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