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New Abortion Ruling in Indiana

Indiana made headlines recently becoming the first state to vote on abortion legislation since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June. Many conservative states already had legislation, or “trigger laws” in place in the event Roe would be overturned, but Indiana is the first state to call a special session specifically to discuss reproductive rights […]

Updating your Want, Will, Won’t List

Everyone is always asking how to “spice up their sex life,” right? Or maybe it just appears that way. Whether you are looking to add a little spice to your sex life, or just want to explore your or your partner’s desires, filling out a “want, will, won’t” list is a great idea. What is […]

How Pregnancy Tests Work

Pregnancy tests are available at drug stores, pharmacies, and groceries stores and are relatively inexpensive. This makes at-home pregnancy tests the likely first sign you’ll have that you are pregnant. Why do we pee on a stick? When used properly, they are 99% effective at confirming pregnancy. They are just as effective as pregnancy tests […]

Why is Pilates so Good for You?

Pilates has been around for nearly 100 years, but it seems to have picked up popularity recently, showing up online and on Instagram constantly. Pilates is a form of exercise done on a mat or a special machine called a reformer that uses low-impact movements to increase flexibility, tone muscles, and build strength. It was […]


How Does a Vasectomy Work?

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, leaving the legality of abortions up to the individual states, a lot of people have been saying that people with penises should step up and get vasectomies to help prevent unwanted pregnancy. Vasectomies are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy, and can sometimes be reversed, however, there is no […]


July is Fibroid Awareness Month

What are fibroids you ask? Uterine fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow in and around the walls of the uterus. An astonishing number of people get fibroids by the age of 50—80% of black women and 70% of white women, with large variation amongst other races. Unfortunately, the specifics for this large discrepancy between races […]


The Reality of Male Contraceptive Pills

It’s 2022 — it’s about darn time we had some hormonal birth control for men! Sure, condoms are a great option for birth control because they are non-invasive, cheap and accessible, reversible, and one of the only types of contraception that protects against STDs, but we need more options. It doesn’t seem fair that people […]

What is Monkeypox?

You may have heard about the monkeypox virus outbreak, and if you’re anything like me, you immediately became concerned, worrying we’re on the brink of another global pandemic. Fear not, dear reader, because monkeypox, while contagious and currently going around, is not fatal or even nearly as contagious as smallpox. Monkeypox is a virus that […]


Swimsuit-Proof Period Care for Summer

It’s summer in Indiana, and you know what that means: extremely hot and humid days that are perfect for swimming! By the height of summer, it is honestly too hot to step outside unless you are stepping directly into a pool. Even though days of lounging by a pool in a swimsuit sound luxurious and […]


Having Good Sex in Menopause

Menopause is when your period stops permanently and your estrogen and progesterone levels go down. You are officially in menopause when you haven’t had your period for one year. The time leading up to the last menstrual cycle that we typically think of having hot flashes and other side effects is actually called perimenopause or […]